Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sailing into sunset and ocean sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

"Sailing into sunset" sketch by Gloria Poole; acrylics on paper 8x11; created 12-August-2014

"Tide coming in" sketch with digital ink  in genre I labeled "clip art" because it is simple, not complex sketches drawn with digital software, and not with pencils or brushes. This is one of an album of "clip art " I created with a software program in yr 2008 and or 2009. 

Sketch by Gloria Poole yr 2014; also displayed on another blog of mine. 

Watercolor sketch by Gloria Poole approximately yr 2010

"Mother and daughter at seashore" oil painting by Gloria Poole of Missouri . I, [Gloria Poole / gloriapoole / Gloria] painted this and repainted it, trying to acheive the sensation of sitting in edge of waves as tide roars in. 

"Rough seas" oil painting by Gloria Poole of Missouri; yr 2012; you see the wall behind my sofa to the right of this painting .

These are some of the sketches and paintings of oceans and sailing or other boats that I , Gloria Poole, have drawn, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded intermittently since about year 1991.  On another site of mine that I have had for years is the first oil painting I painted and it was a ship in ocean and my daughter Leigh named it "Zephyr" at the time. She was in middle school then in Georgia. You can see that [ I think] on my site https://sites.google.com/site/gloriapoole. {or it was there--photos I put of art I created have been ripped off blogs of mine at times, so I can't be certain it is there today, but it's supposed to be.]. Also, if you look through my other blogs you will find the sketch of Sailboat named "Missouri" and other boats I have drawn and painted displayed.

Copyright notice: This blog and all content on it belongs to me Gloria Poole residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia; and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor be re-published, nor downloaded, nor printed at remote, nor saved to disk, nor copied, nor screen-captured, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me.  I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to this blog, to my name, to the art I have created or do create, and to the words, poems, medical lessons, essays, articles,  prose, that I write, and to any genre photographs that I photograph and or display in public in any platform, with any method or tool, for any reason or no reason, whether or not I display it publicly or photograph it. I own the art I create in other words and the words I write. I do not have a "boss" and draw, sketch, paint, write, blog, tweet from my own private apt for my own purposes. 

For the record and to clarify this again because a criminal tried to steal an email address that is one of my isp emails on my paid account that is not a shared account this past week and I tweeted about that to @FCC and @FBI to get their help getting it back. The motive apparently was to attempt to steal my identity and art images and blogs on the web.  I am a white, single again, brunette woman, twice -divorced, Southern Baptist Christian , and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a poet, illustrator, cartoonist at times, artist in all mediums, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, citizen journo, photographer, prolife blogger, personhood amendment promoter, writer, blogger, republican, and U S citizen by birth. 

Gloria Poole also known on art I create and sign as merely Gloria signed in paint and my handwriting on oil paintings and complex sketches; and on web as ; gloriapoole; gloria-poole; gloria.poole ; artist-gloriapoole; Gloria Poole, RN, artist; gloriapoole-paintings; @gloriapoole on twitter; [and other twitter accts also]; and as gloriapoole.RN; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloria_poole; Ms. Gloria Poole; and other variations of my real, born with, legal name of Gloria Poole [because I removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore in Oct 2007 at time of final divorce decree from male DBP in Arapahoe County Colorado and resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole at the same time ]; at my own, private apt in Missouri where I moved too on Oct 31, 2009, that is not shared with anyone; on 12 August 2014 at 2:36pm.

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