Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reclaiming gloriapoole-paintings

I am creating this because I had a domain with a blog with the title gloriapoole-paintings for some years. it was actually hijacked from my control in about yr 2008. But it had my art I created on it. I am trying to reclaim that "work" of mine since I have most of the originals of art I created . I will add some of my art I create to this but first I have to establish that it is mine, [which might take a day or two to resolve].
 I have posted on some blogs google numbers for me and they are valid. I tested some of them recently. If you see a number on a blog identified as mine, you may call that number about my art I create; or call me on my landline telephone that is listed  as a residence in Missouri.  I also have cell phones so if you know the numbers of them and your intentions are good, you can try those if I don't answer my landline number. I don't always answer the phones because I paint as artist, sketch, draw and it distracts me some. So, call til you get me if it is important.
 Or email at emails known to be mine. Remember I do not have an earthlink acct because it was stolen from me in spring of 2011 through deceit and treachery of several people including earthlink staffers and people in Colorado. I do not have family, friends or business partners or acquaintances  in Colorado that I keep in touch with. Do not be deceived.
 Gloria Poole; of Missouri & in Missouri; @ 8:50am; 26-Jan-2013. <P> You should see a sketch I drew and painted in watercolors, and I guess I would name it 'girl with guitar sitting on barn floor'. Copyright all original works of art I create belongs to me Gloria Poole [gloriapoole; gloria_poole; gloria.poole;gpoole817;gloria0817;gloriapooleRN at Yahoo; gloriapoole on UGA alum email; gloriapoole-paintings; artist-gloriapoole]
sketch in watercolors by Gloria Poole; of girl with guitar  sitting on barn floor
 I logged back in after logging out to test some things; and to  find the sketch I uploaded recently to add to a blog of mine.  Gloria Poole; 9:19am; 26-Jan-2013 but I drew & painted this sketch in 2012 sketch .