Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Irish student" oil painting painted by Gloria Poole, in ethnic series

Oil painting painted by Gloria Poole & named "irish student" in ethnic series.
Oil painting painted by Gloria Poole & named "Irish student" in ethnic series.

This is one of the oil paintings I Gloria Poole [in Missouri but born in state of Georgia] painted to be included in the ethnic series of paintings I began in yr 2007. I had the flash on the camera which is why the lower corner looks so bright and I was standing as I photographed it, which is why it's a bit lopsided [I am a bit lop-sided because of fractures and repair to my leg with lots of metal implanted.]  If I have something to lean against as I photograph viewers don't notice the lop-sidedness.  IF I had been using my big powerful digital camera, it would have not been noticeable  either because it adjusts for that. But alas, I just wanted to get it on web because I had tweeted that I would probably add my newest paintings to my blog. Also, I had sent this photo that didn't have flash on, and that was level  from another camera of mine [to one of my emails to upload] ;  and it did not get to my inbox, so think cyber-hackers tried to steal it in transit. But I have the painting.  I enlarged the photo [explains slight fuzziness]  but the painting itself is much larger and is a 16 x 20 inch size on canvas.  I named it "Irish student"  with a purpose in mind. I read that teenage boys are increasingly shunning college. So, I thought I'd create imaginary student in college that might make them think they might meet the girl of their dreams at University.
  Yea, yea, yea, I know that I should put my best image of it forward. That is increasingly hard to do, because cyber-hackers lurk to try to grab the first image of any art I create and that's is very frustrating to me. So much so, that I am thinking of not putting any more of the art I create on the web.
 I began the ethnic series of paintings in yr 2007 in another state. I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009  after 2nd divorce in Oct 2007 in Colorado. My mission with the  series I named ethnic paintings was to show each ethnic group with some of  their characteristics and in native costume [if they have one] and to show that regardless of skin color, or eyes, or hair, or features, language, age, status,  GOD loves all people, and I know that from Bible verse John 3:16, KJV.
 This is a photo of an actual painting I painted with oil paints and brushes on canvas. It is NOT a real person. In fact, none of the paintings in my ethnic series are real people. They are all painted by me, made up as I go along with the brush in my hand. And photographed by me but with a wide assortment of cameras, cell phones, devices, gadgets. It has to do with many factors which one I photograph with at any time. IF I was trying to send something, and it was intercepted by crooks, I immediately switch cameras. For my own physical safety because I was a victim of violence, and trauma.
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and others also. Each blog is unique, and I add art to them with goals in mind usually. I often create art to make a visual display of something to make a point. 
 I love to paint. It relaxes me, and it helps me think. Because I don't have to concentrate so furiously on it, ideas flow easily to my mind. I have painted as artist since 1991, but I had professional training in drawing  before that.
 I am the white, Christian, single, woman who was born in Georgia but who has lived in several states . I am also a Registered Nurse. I am divorced twice and resumed my maiden name both times after divorces. Gloria Poole is my real, born with name, though many people have tried to hijack it.
 Copyright, in all instances, of all art I create/paint/sketch/draw whether or not I photograph it, [or hire someone too] and whether or not,  display it publicly anywhere. I own all rights to the art I create .Copyright.  Gloria Poole/Gloria/gloriapoole/gloria0817/gpoole817/gloriapoole.RN/gloriapoole1749/and any variation of my real name with or without numbers included, with or without special characters. At my apt in Missouri; 21-Sept-2013; @ 1:22pm.