Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oil painting named "Viennese violinist" for ethnic series, painted by Gloria Poole of Missouri; Update

Oil painting painted by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia on 1 Jan 2015 and named "Viennese Violinist" for ethnic series of paintings I began in year 2006 and continue to this day. I photographed this several times :on the easel I painted it on, on 2 cell phones, with my big digital camera, and I photographed it close-up to show the details and put those photos below this one. This particular photo is as wet painting { I just finished this painting last night about 11 pm } sitting propped against straight back dining room chair [that does not match my other chairs but which is a very good painting holder!] and on newspaper to prevent wet paint from edges ruining chair. I also propped it against my portable drawing board which is obviously not part of the painting. I used the metal clip to sort of push the painting forward so it was more upright. 

Close-up of face of "Viennese violinist" oil painting as show above.

Close-up of hand in oil painting "Viennese violinist" as shown above.

Close-up my signature Gloria in oil painting named "Viennese violinist" as shown above.

My copyright notice Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole /artist-gloriapoole & all versions of my real born with name of Gloria Poole. 

My signature I wrote with "digital ink" using "oil brush" of computer graphics program to make note of the New Year
This is one of my Christian cross necklaces but I have several in a variety of styles and metals. I am posting this here to remind viewers that I am a Southern Baptist/ Great Commission Baptist and I take it very seriously. I adhere to the words of the King James Holy Bible including the commandments of GOD in Exodus chapter 20 and the words of JESUS who did not "undo" the commandments, but repeated them.  I do not worship images of GOD or anybody. I do not worship the paintings I create.

U S flag I photographed with one of my several cameras to remind viewers that I am a U S citizen born in the state of Georgia and have all civil liberties guaranteed by U S Constitution and 'bill of rights" including the first amendment liberties of freedom of the Press to publish, comment, photograph, display my content, voice/write/publish  my opinion on any topic including religion and politics, and to protest the federal government or any government without retaliation by them; and to publish my religious and political  beliefs, goals, actions without attack by the government. Those are my words to summarize the first amendment but it is not written that way in the actual amendment. Google the first amendment and read it for yourself.  It is necessary to add that here because last night criminals at remote tried to hijack a cel phone number of mine { I have the actual phone] by using the servers of the carrier or other carriers who are known to be lapdogs of the killing regime of Obama.
You should see another blog of mine at and the about me page on it and also these other blogs of mine that are each different and that cover different topics:; updated 28 Jan 2015 by me Gloria; ;updated 13 Jan 2015 by me Gloria; updated 22 Jan 2015 by me; updated 28 Jan 2015 by me Gloria; site is down because they tried steal my copyrights;updated by me 16th Jan 2015;updated by me 18 Jan 2015; updated by me 14 Jan 2015;updated by me 22 Jan 2015;updated by me 25 Jan 2015;updated by me 24 Jan 2015;updated by me 24 Jan 2015 updated by me with most recent #art oil painting I painted & named "Red room musicians";updated by me 18 Jan 2015

and other sites and blogs of mine as well. Creating this post today took four tries because cyber-criminals broke into this account as I was writing words. Also, I knew cyber-criminals had hacked it because I received a fake Google call to login that told me that Google would never ask for the code and that the code was secret. Well, of course, Google asks for the code because the purpose of the code is to login to my account with 2 step authentification. 

Update on 29 Jan 2015 at 12:13pm: I received the fake #Google message again today that tells me "do not share my code with anyone" and that "Google will never ask for this code". I know it is a fake message because the code is to login to my Google acct and of course, Google asks for it! What amazes me is how stupid those idiots in the White House and State Dept think U S citizens are. The fake code gains access and rolls back the counter on visitors and adds in tracking malware and spies all emails. I am documenting this for my own purposes but also for law enforcement since the art I post to this blog is original art I created and own all rights too.  The prodeathers are ruthless in their attacks via the web on #prolife U S citizens. 

Also, remember that I am not on Pinterest nor on Facebook and never was. Also remember that I made tumblr take down my blog because they allowed unauthorized persons to access my account and tried to force me to sign away my copyrights so the cyber-criminal(s) could make "derivative works" from art I created. I refused and tweeted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to ask her to make tumblr take down art I created and put on it so criminal hackers could not sell it.  

Copyright notice: 21 Dec 2014 at 7:00am. this blog and all content, all words, all photos, all art is owned by me, created by me Gloria Poole, and copyrighted to me. I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia own all rights to this blog and to all content of it. It may not be transferred to anyone anywhere whether as a whole or individually, nor may it have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor may it be reprinted, republished, downloaded, copied, printed, screen captured by anyone, photo-copied, in its entirety without my express written permission on paper that I signed and had notarized and dated for a specific one time use.  Also, see all previous posts and other blogs of mine for copyright and disclosure information that is relevant to art and photos I have created in the past and displayed publicly. I am also known on the web and in real life as Gloria and as "Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia" since Gloria Poole is my real, born with and legal name; and on the web as : gloriapoole; gloria-poole; gloria.poole; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole.RN; gloriapoole_RN; gloriapoole-paintings; gloria0817; gpoole817; artist;  "G-L-O-R-I-A"; artist-gloria; photo-by-gloriapoole; cartooning-by-gloriapoole; "Gloria J" ; "Ms Gloria Poole" ; Gloria; and other variations of my real name with or without numbers after my name and with or without abbreviations of my name; and with or without my professional designation as Registered Nurse. I am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, twice divorced woman who is the mother of two grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh who are my only "children" and the grand-mother of 7 minor children. And I am also an artist in all mediums, writer, blogger, photographer, prolife activist, personhood promoter, publisher of sorts, website creator, educated U S citizen by birth in the state of Georgia.
Gloria Poole, at my own private apartment in Missouri, which is not shared with anyone; which means no one is authorized to log into any account of mine but me, on 2 Jan 2015  at 9:31am. Update on 20 Jan 2015 at 12:32pm by me Gloria Poole, to add that I have taken some steps to eliminate fake obituaries and  to stop imposters from using my name.  I am alive and painting and blogging and tweeting, and sketching and photographing, so not to worry! Update by me Gloria Poole on 29 Jan 2015 at 12;11pm [noonish] to add in update times to blog list; and to filter-out some of the imposters of my name; and to add in "update" paragraph" .