Saturday, April 27, 2013

A sketch in progress

mixed media sketch by Gloria Poole/gloriapoole
This is the sketch I'm doing that is a work in progress. That means it is not done. It's one I began in powdered pastels; added some acrylics too, so it is mixed media at this point. That's some of the acrylics and inks [in little jars] to the right, and my water jar I put wet brushes in. You cannot allow acrylics to dry in air for even few minutes--brushes are ruined if you do. I haven't decided where I'm going with it--what I want in the background if anything; if I like the pale colors of powdered pastels, and if I have a title in mind for it. It's inspired by a magazine ad and is on bristol board about 9 x 12 in size.  Maybe I should name it "those table manners could use some work"???

 I sometimes decide if I like it after I see it in larger format photo as it looks to world. I am probably going to work on this sketch a bit more. Maybe will add the finished version later, but I painted my signature since it's going on one of my blogs.

Gloria Poole ; at my apt in Missouri; 27-April-2013; 12:45pm.