Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sketches of a Prince, Pres, and King by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Sketch of Prince Charles by Gloria Poole; one of several of him
Sketch #2 of Prince Charles drawn in inks by  Gloria Poole

sketch of Prince Charles by Gloria Poole; one of several of him
Sketch#3 of Prince Charles by Gloria Poole 

Semite sketch by Gloria Poole
Semite sketch in watercolors by Gloria Poole 

Then Pres of Russia Medvedev sketch by Gloria Poole
Then Pres of Russia Medvedev sketch in powdered pastels by Gloria Poole 

Swedish King Carl sketch by Gloria Poole; in inks
Swedish King Carl sketch by Gloria Poole ; in inks.

I, Gloria Poole , am adding these sketches here because I had mentioned the series of sketches that I drew of Prince Charles and the top 2 sketches are in that series.  The third sketch is of a Semite [Jewish man] that I saw in the news probably that year. The fourth sketch is the man Medvedev who was President of Russia that year. It is powdered pastels.  These are all part of the "ethnic series " of paintings and sketches that I began in year 2007 and still add too, as I create more art. I drew and or painted most of the heads of Europe over a 2-4 year span. but there are all new Princes and Princesses and there are many ethnic tribes and nations yet to paint.

Copyright: I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri own all rights to this blog, to the account that hosts it, to the text and art that I created and put on it. I own all intellectual property of this blog and of all blogs that I have created, registered properly and kept going over time; and to some blogs that had my words, poems, prose, lessons in former years in different locations. I own all rights to the art I post on the web, and that I created before posting it on the web.  I am also known as Gloria in real life and on oil paintings and some sketches. Sometimes I sign my name as Gloria Poole on sketches but always sign my name as Gloria in script  with paint on oil paintings. I am also known on web as : gloriapoole; gloria-poole; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; Gloria Poole; Gloria Poole,RN; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapoole0817; and other variations of my real, born with , legal name of Gloria Poole. I removed the Pappas name from my name at the time of final decree of 2nd divorce in Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado from [male] DBP after 4 years of terror and injury by him; and resumed my maiden name including my maiden surname of Poole at the same time.

For the record: I am white, a woman, single, Christian, and the mother of 2 grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh [but no sons]; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri. I was born in the state of Georgia and am a U S citizen. I lived in several states including New York, Virginia, and Colorado and of course, most of my life in Georgia. I moved to Missouri Oct 31, 2009.

Also, for the record: I put art I create on several blogs of mine including;;;;;;;  . And I put art I create also on my #prolife blogs, so #Google to find those or see my blog list on this blog; or  scroll through archives. Also, I have profile pages about me on #Google, on #Yahoo and on Microsoft Live albums; and Picasa albums and flickr albums of art I created or photographs I photographed. I am still painting and was this morning before logging on  and have a new oil painting almost completed.

Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri, which is my only residence; 25-January-2014 at 7:36pm.