Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Horse and rider, skiff and storm sketches made by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri, on 27 May 2015

This is a sketch in watercolor that I made of a horse and rider. You can see from the hooves that I drew it in graphite first. I signed, photographed and uploaded it as is true of all art on this blog of mine and on any blog of mine. It is mixed media of inktense, watercolor and tempra on 11 x 14 inch paper in my sketch book. I photograph with a variety of cameras from my sketch book by propping it or clipping it to my portable drawing board [the brown edges] and then leaning it on my easel in my front room. But I have other easels which I also photograph from and other areas of my apartment where I create art. I have sketched and painted horses several times and posted them to my blogs. I put many of those sketches in one batch on my and it would be in archives there now.

This is a watercolor, tempra and inktense sketch on paper in my sketch book of a skiff which is a long narrow boat. Neither of these "people" in these sketches are real. I made them with paint.

Yesterday, in early am I sat on my balcony to have my coffee, and the sky was sort of beautiful but stormy, so I tried to draw/ paint it. I didn't capture the beauty of it, and am disappointed with the sketch but it is the first sketch that I have tried to paint a stormy sky in plein air so it is significant to me. It is also 11 x 14 in my sketch book.

This is my personal logo I made recently on a computer [not with a paint brush] and with graphics software.

This is one of my christian crosses that I wear some of the time and that is my left hand in the photo. I put cross photos on my blogs to remind all that this is a christian blog and it may be viewed by anyone of any age in any country. It is always moral and decent.

This is the seal of my alma mater where I attended and graduated from nursing school and then took state board licensing exams in Georgia years ago. I still have a R.N. license in Missouri.

This is the University of Georgia display I made to remind viewers [and UGA] that I am an alumna of the Terry College of Business of the University of Georgia in Athens Georgia. I am not a recent grad of UGA but I am posting this here now [and other blogs of mine also] because I had concussions and when I am fatigued it affects my neurons or something and I have trouble w/ words, fingers functioning , balance, vision. But the fact remains that I am an educated in college twice woman.

You can see more of the art I created on these blogs of mine and remember that I create and post art I make almost every day and rotate the blogs I put it on. So, that means each blog is different and each is created by me one by one at different times. I have other blogs for the #prolife, #personhood, #publichealth, and #gospel causes and I also post art to those occasionally to illustrate a point. : [#cartoons in very simple style] that I drew;

https;'' [pencil drawings of stages of human development that I drew to illustrate them ; includes the story I wrote and illustrated

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