Friday, March 20, 2015

Polo sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia created 9 March 2015;update

This is the idea I had for a sketch of playing polo on the polo field with the flag-like colors of red, white and blue as a background. Those are the same colors for both the U S and the U K flags. I exaggerated the polo ball til it looks almost like a basketball, but of course, you know in reality the polo ball is small, and there are horses involved in polo. Once upon a time, I watched polo matches in Atlanta, when my two daughters Jennifer was in high school and Leigh was in middle school and I was divorced the first time. It was fun. It combines the thrill of horses racing and sports all into one event; plus polo is a very social event with feasting on foods prepared to be finger foods and or sit down meals depending on the polo club hosting the match. And stomping divets is part of the fun. This sketch is acrylics 8 x 11 in my sketch book. I didn't quite get the handle of the club precise but a sketch is a rough draft only and is to a finished painting as a rough draft is to a finished manuscript.

Below are some of the symbols and notices about me and this blog:

You can see more of the art I create on these blogs of mine:; includes the story I wrote and illustrated about ladybugs that give picnics. [cartoons for fun]

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This is my personal logo I created with a graphics program on one of my computers, for this year.

this is one of my photos of U S flag to remind all I am a U S citizen born in the USA, with all civil liberties of the U S Constitution.

This is my copyright notice for cell phones of mine that I use to photograph with as I walkabout.

This is my copyright notices for my cameras and with my name written in several of the ways I have written it on the web for years. I enlarged this photo after uploading it which is why it is sort of blurred, but it is also on other blogs of mine in unblurred state.

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