Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clarifying who I am, where I am

This photo you see above is me Gloria Poole of Missouri, who yrs ago created the domain of gloriapoole-paintings and also nine other domains on godaddy.com. Eight of those domains I paid for, ordered online, created with my original content were stolen FROM me by criminals who broke into my godaddy.com account. I cancelled my godaddy hosting account this year because it was finally obvious that they are dishonest totally. godaddy staff supplied my passwords and emails to criminals who used it to harm me in many ways.

I am also the same white, Christian, single, woman who created the domains of http://g-l-o-r-i-a.info, http://g-l-o-r-i-a.name, http://gloriapoole.name that were all stolen from me by cybercriminals who broke into my hosting account to rip them off from my administrator/owner panel. Gloria Poole is my real, born with name. Criminals on the internet defrauded me of my intellectual properties, my Paypal accounts [3 or 4 different ones over 7 yrs' time] , money by using my cell phone numbers they got from godaddy's so-called confidential files that they broke into.I also cancelled all Paypal accounts of mine in writing to Paypal years ago.

I have most of the paintings I painted included "the Scotsman", "the French Man", the "Mandarin Lady", "the Schloss",  "thoroughbred" , "The English Lady", [all of the paintings and sketches I created for the ethnic series I painted] and most of my paintings, sketches and drawings I have created in the past 20 years. There is NO OTHER PERSON authorized to use my name but me. There is NO OTHER person authorized to login to my computer/ devices, clouds, isp /hosting/ or  emails but me. I do not work for anyone. I do not have a "boss", nor a "supervisor" { I am the "supervisor" on my computers}, nor a husband, nor a business partner, nor a job, nor work assignment. The art I paint, sketch, draw,  I do for myself--for my purposes and sometimes I put it on the web after I photograph it with any of several cameras and or cell phones that I own.

This is necessary because someone broke into this account in the past few days, and I had to reset the password. It seems to be unlawfully connected by some secret method to criminals in remote, unknown places, because I logged into one account but a different gmail account of mine appeared after I logged in.--a rather bizarre situation that never happened before.

I know that in GOD's time, GOD will punish those who break in and steal, and those who murder and maim others. I know there is a GOD and I know the laws [commandments] of GOD still apply.  I know the wicked will be punished in GOD's time and way.

Gloria Poole, RN & artist; @ my apt in Missouri; 12:26pm; 12-March-2013